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  • Albany Educational Article of the Month - How to Keep Wild Animals Out of Your Garden

How to Keep Wild Animals Out of Your Garden

Wild New York animals in the wilderness are one the most beautiful sights, a beautiful nature and beautiful animals, leading a happy and fulfilling life. However, watching the same animals in the garden, eating vegetables and fruits from that same garden, are not the types of pictures for the one who has been gardening. Gardeners can get pretty annoyed and defensive when their work is being ruined. To keep your Albany garden safe, you need to pest-proof your entire home, including the garden.

How to discourage Albany wildlife from your garden?
1. By making your premises uninteresting for those pesky little creatures:
• You need to conceal all the inviting plants, vegetables or fruits that may attract wildlife´s attention. Covers that are used for spring frost protection may help you hide some of the plants from animals and their nibbling. Vegetables stand a better chance if they aren´t seen. However, pest proof fences make a better protection from a wild animal, if possible.
• The first advice would be you need to do everything that is in your power to keep them out. Some L-footer style is an excellent solution, regarding the garden fencing.
• Make sure no branches are leaning over your garden as well, as some of the wild New York animals climb very well.
• Clean up all the mess around the house and in the garden to exclude all hiding places.
• And most of all disable all easy access to food. Feed your pets inside and keep the garbage bin firmly shut. All vegetables and fruits need to be picked up on a daily basis.

2. Learn as much as you can about the Albany animal, coming into the garden. Know your enemy and its ways. As wild animals are pretty much creatures of the habits, learn about them, and you will know how to outsmart them.
• Who is the wild animal – which species
• About their movements
• The intention of visit
• Where they get in - entry points

How to repel wild Albany animals from your garden?
For repelling pests from your garden try to achieve the maximum effect with the most humane way possible:
• Repellents (taste, voice, visual effects, water sprinklers); animals get used to repellents in time, that is why you need to mix up the strategies. As the primary goal of a repellent is a surprise.
• A natural predator (cats and dogs); can be a great help, regarding the nuisance in the garden
• Live traps (live cage traps); are made with a purpose to catch a live New York animal and then relocate it to a new friendlier environment or decide to choose a merciful death under professional supervision. With traps be careful, if you catch the female a nest full of young may be waiting for her. Even though these pesky little things can cause a lot of problems, they are still living and breathing creatures. Treat them this way.

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