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  • Albany Educational Article of the Month - Information About Albany Rats

Information About Albany Rats

Rat is a long-tailed New York rodent with body size larger than the mouse. They are also botanically called Rattus Rattus and they have unimaginable capability in causing great damaging to things in the home. Also, usually eat out of trash can and can transmit lots of dangerous diseases to human. You will learn all about Albany rats including the appearance, biology, life cycle, habitat, diet and behavior through the content of this post.

The Rat Appearance
Rats are small long-tailed rodent with large ear, bugle eyes and different fur colors. Also, the body size of Albany rats differs from a species to another but they are bigger than mouse. Some of rat colors include black, white, brown and others. Just like every other rodent New York rats are known for their ever growing teeth which they usually put under control through constantly chewing on things around them.

Rat Biology and Life Cycle
Rats are known to be responsible large numbers of human epidemics due to their ability of their blood to contain bacteria and different viruses. They usually reproduce rapidly and the female Albany rat normally born many babies at a time. The life span of rat varies from specie to another. Some specie normally lives only 12 months while some usually live up to 8 years. They have numerous predators that usually feed on them and there are lots of fatal diseases that normally result to their death.

Rat Habitat and Behavior
The body structure of New York rats made it easy for them to live in almost anywhere in the world. they usually live in the wild but higher population now prefer to live in human build houses, dust bin, waste disposing areas, swage tank and others. Most rat species normally burrow tunnel on the ground where they normally live when they want to bring up young once. The female rats usually nurse the young babies which are born blind and helpless. One thing about rats is that they have high social life which made them different from many other Albany rodents.

Rat Diet
Rats usually eat almost everything including nuts, berries, fruits, vegetables, insects, and even mice. Giant rats are known to have ability to hunt other animals and prey on them. Also, Albany rats normally feed on things from human waste as well as left over foods in the house.

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